Sew Pillowcases

Help by Sewing a Pillowcase!

We can’t get enough bright, cheery pillowcases. It is easy to do and just takes a few minutes. Here are step by step directions:
How-to-Make A Pillowcase Directions**

**Note:  You may need to download Adobe PDF Viewer to view the pillowcase directions.

Download Here!

Important to first wash (unscented detergent and no dryer sheets) the fabric before sewing the pillowcases.  

AND...what do you do once your pillowcase is completed?  Find a local Coordinator or Drop Off Site close to you! ConKerr Regional Directory 

Wash, Fold and Bag

Don’t know how to sew? There are lots more ways to help out. Our Coordinators always need people to help by washing (unscented detergent and no dryer sheets), folding and bagging pillowcases. They also need people to pick up pillowcases at ConKerr drop off sites. ADDITIONALLY, they often need help sorting and packing pillowcases to deliver to the hospital.

Find a ConKerr Coordinator near you!
 ConKerr Regional Directory


Your donation also helps us spread the word about the pillowcase project to communities around the country.

Our ultimate goal is that every child with a life changing illness in North America receives a bright, cheery pillowcase when he or she is in the hospital.