Many Sources of Inspiration

Ryan Kerr, the inspiration behind ConKerr Cancer, lived his life with grace, kindness and had a remarkable love for life.  His size 16 red high tops have become a symbol of his light in the world ... 
And so have these children been an ongoing inspiration to all of us:

At ConKerr Cancer, we are inspired by many, many people:

• By the brave children we serve as they battle cancer, terrible injuries and other life changing illnesses;

• By the loving parents, families and friends who, despite their feelings of helplessness, care for these special children with every ounce of their strength;

• By the amazing nurses, doctors and caregivers who work so hard to heal the children and their families – body, soul and spirit; and ...

• By our thousands of volunteers who give so selflessly of themselves to put a smile on a sick child’s face.

It’s hard not to be inspired by such an exceptional group of people, all working together, to make a sick child’s life just a bit brighter. We feel very blessed to share this work with all of you.