An AMAZING 1st Day in Baltimore ...

An experience to be cherished ... forever:

We had our first day of sewing pillowcase smiles at Johns Hopkins, in April. When we arrived we were greeted by the Big Apple Circus Care Team, two hysterical clowns kept us company as we set up. They left shortly after the kids arrived " to do rounds". The pillowcase party was enjoyed by all...the patients, the staff and the volunteers. What an amazing experience ~ I am grateful for the opportunity. Thank you Cindy!

It was also a huge success, in two hours kids & families sewed 30 pillowcases and we had 20 pillowcases taken to those who wanted to come, but were unable to make it to the activity room. One high school senior hopes to take his pillowcase w/him to USC in Aug (if cleared by his Dr.) Jenny, age 5, twirled around wearing her hot pink tutu and danced with her princess pillowcase with excitement and one little guy yelled,"I love sewing, we gotta do this more often!"  ... and we plan too, quarterly! We even had a father of a 16 month old come in to make her a Pooh bear pillowcase....priceless!

The child life specialists loved the excitement, the giggles and smiles created at this event for everyone! And they were amazed at the range of age groups interested, parents too.

This is definitely one day I will cherish forever...blessings & smiles, Marcy in Baltimore

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Best Smile Maker in Philly ... read all about it!

YES! It's true ... our very own was voted "Best-Smile Maker In Philly!"

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His smile says it all ...

.... waytago, Ryan!

A beautiful note from Ryan's mom ... thanks for ALL the smiles, Las Vegas chapter!!
Hi! I wanted to thank you for the great pillow cases!  It totally brightens up the hospital room and makes my son smile. Ryan is 7 years old and is in St Jude for ALL leukemia. I just wanted to thank you and send you a photo.


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You decide ...

Better to 'take' a smile?

or .... "Make" a smile??

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The Angels in South Africa ...

... spreading their 'wings of smiles'!

I had the good fortune of several years ago visiting Caron our South Africa coordinator.  As you can imagine Caron faces many challenges such as availability and cost of fabric, long travel distances and unfortunately issues of theft at the hospitals.  Through it all Caron and her wonderful volunteers have persevered and continue to bring joy to the children.

Caron had the good fortune of meeting quilters  from Sedgefield earlier this year and they spent the morning making pillowcases. “We had an amazing time and then they wanted to know if they could doing anything else to help. I kept all the offcuts and always visualized quilts for the babies that we meet in the hospitals. The rest needs no explaining. I dropped off what I had and this is what I received back. I am in awe of the beautiful end product”, said Caron.


I too am in awe of these extraordinary quilts and continue to be in awe of the wonderful angels in South Africa.


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