Miles (and Miles) of Pillowcase Smiles made in September ...

YES, over 38 MILES of Smiles were created by our Smile-Making Volunteers ... thank YOU for the 'smiles'!  Keep them coming ... please!

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A trip to the library ...

... turns into HOURS of smiles!


It was a "Sew 4 Kids Day" at that the Highgrove Library in Riverside, California on Saturday, September 27th. Look at this beautiful, smiling face!  First time sewer, Corina was returning books and wanted to help make a few smiles, which she did for the next THREE hours.  I know that the receivers of Corina's pillowcases will have big smiles, too.     Thank You, Corina.

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One fraternity is 'Rushing' to make SMILES ...

... pillowcase smiles for the children in the greater Philadelpia region!
Phi Sigma Pi from St. Joseph's University, supported ConKerr Cancer during one of their Rush events!  

Part of Rushing this year meant doing something for others.  SJU has been a long supporter of ConKerr Cancer and a member of the upper classmen thought 'what better way to get to know potential new members to their fraternity, than to create Pillowcase Smiles' for the 'teens' of the Philadelphia region who are being treated at the local hospitals supported by ConKerr Cancer.

Thanks for ALL the creative, fun, inspirational "smiles" .... Go Hawks!!!
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Pillowcase Race ...

... from Quilter's Corner (Finleyville, PA) made 2000 pillowcase smiles and ... 

...they don't appear to be 'cramping up' from the race ... ConKerr's ultimate goal during September is 44,000 pillowcase smiles to support the children in treatment during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month ... 

Are you up to taking the lead in this race????

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IT'S NOT JUST A PILLOWCASE that is ‘passed along’ ….

Cotton and color woven into cheerful fabric prints, 

   then passed along. 

Fabric measured and cut and pinned for sewing, 

   then passed along. 

Hands guide stitches through a sewing machine, 

   then passed along. 

Pillowcases washed and dried and almost done, 

   then passed along. 

Steam rises from hot irons, new pillowcases folded,

   then passed along. 

Pillowcases packed in bags with cheerful cards,

   then passed along. 

Pillowcases travel to children who are loved -

   a gift from many hands …  Not ‘just’ passed along!

Author:  Elaine, Williamstown, NJ

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