Smiles for 1st day of Spring ...

.... here in the Northeast!

Remember ... pillowcase smiles DO melt the snow and warm the heart :*)
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Just pass it on ....

While shopping at Rainbows End yesterday a woman asked me what I was making. I told her that I was making pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer. While at the cutting table she came over to tell me that she had paid for a piece of fabric I was buying. It was almost 4  yards. I only know that she was from Indiana  and didn't get her name. It was an act of kindness. "Just pass it on" she said as she left the store.  Things like this keeps me going.   Signed Ellen, Volunteer 

So, for all those out there who are doing these acts of Kindness ... Thank YOU!!

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Smiles abound ...

... day after day, after day!

"We love love love these pillowcases & use them & the others we have been given EVERYDAY because they breathe LIFE into her crib!! 

Thank you for your mission you make such a difference" - A Grateful Mom

And a HUGE thank you to our volunteers and donors who help us provide smiles like these ... the ConKerr Team who helps kids feel better to heal better ... 
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Happy COLORFUL New Year ...

.... all in all, this community service group (Teen-Works), has made and delivered 1,200 'tie-dyed -- colorful smiles' to over three dozen ConKerr chapters, and the ConKerr kids .. love them!  



"Teen-Works is a community service group made up of kids ranging from 10 to 19 years old.  This is our 4th year tie-dying pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer. We do this on an entirely volunteer basis. Dying pillowcases is truly a team project.  The cost of the materials is divided among all our members. Some do the shopping, some tie, some dye, some decorate the boxes, some write the letter that goes with each pillowcase. some photocopy the 350 color copies,  some wash, some iron, some press and pack, and  while others do the shipping and delivering.  We divide the pillowcases and ship to three dozen ConKerr chapters.

This is the note that is attached to each pillowcase smile:

Attached are pictures from our recent tye dye event.  We think our tie dye pillowcases are great for teenage patients, although anyone who likes tie dye might want one.  

We love making pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer."



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Cool to be a Moose?

... you betcha!

On one side of town, sitting in a sterile white hospital room, is a child, battling cancer.On the other side of town, a 20+ year member of the St Charles, IL WOTM Chapter 512 stands in quilt shop and reads a flyer in the window that brightly states “ConkerrCancer”, “Giving Sick Kids a reason to smile, one pillowcase at a time”, and an idea is sparked. With a bright pillowcase in hand, that idea was shared with her board of officers and at that moment, the fun began. With a goal of 1 pillowcase per member,and 1 to grow on, the Women of Chapter 512 took on the challenge of making 754 hospital rooms a lot more colorful. They gathered donations of fabric, logged in sewinghours and donated money. They reached out to every facet of the St Charles Moose Family Center #1368 including; The Moose Riders, Moose Legion, Loyal Order and Fun Bunch for support. Every member put in the effort to help in some fashion. They have shopped, sorted, cut, pinned, sewn, ironed, trimmed and folded an amazing total of 840, and in just over 2 months!! Making this one of the most heartfelt and involved community service project taken on by the St Charles Chapter 512. It is with great ambition, that they fully intend on exceeding this goal in upcoming years, with the help of the lodge and community!

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