Another Wawa 'approach' ...

... not only when it comes to golf but in serving their communities.

THANK YOU, Wawa for supporting our ConKerr Kids and Families!

Who is this 'fella' on the greens????

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Question: How do you make a pillowcase???

Answer:  "With LOVE!"

Laura, Owner of Country Pines Quilt Store, set up this wonderful booth with the ConKerr Cancer banner on one wall and covered 2 walls with pillowcases at the Lassen County is beautiful.  Plus she has5 sewing machines and has ladies scheduled to make pillowcases all 5 days of the fair.  They ask everyone that passes by if they would like to make a pillowcase.

Above is Laura along with Paige, who wanted to sew a pillowcase.  She was the sweetest 9 year old.  Her brother wondered up and asked her "How do you make a pillowcase?"  The answer just rolled out with no hesitation..."With Love!"   

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A special order ...

... for  'Super (special) Sam'!

“Super Sam” … incredible little 6 year old. Has received  wonderful support from his church members in Missouri, as well as from the entire community. His twin sister, Ava, has been right by his side the entire time. Currently, he is in St. Louis undergoing a bone marrow transplant, so we are keeping the smiles strong for his recovery. The Ninja pillowcase was one that was a “special order” from Sam.  COWABUNGA!
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Jeremy says: Thank YOU...

... to the WONDERFUL Volunteers of the Palm Beach Chapter (we thank them, too!)

"Hi, This is Jeremy, he is a pretty frequent patient at St. Mary's Hospital, we have been getting pillowcases since last January and have about 6 now!!! While inpatient they are one of the nicest, prettiest, most colorful uplifting things in his room, and I take them home and wash and bring back so he always has one, and we use them daily in his room at home! We just wanted to say "Thank You", they are special and we love them."

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The amazing power of a pillowcase ...

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart" -- Winnie the Pooh

"Our child life specialist shared this with me the other day. A 10 year old had a stroke and could not speak. The nurse was delivering pillowcases and asked which one she would like and the Mom replied ‘she always likes Winnie the Pooh’. She was given a Winnie the Pooh pillowcase and with that, the child spoke her first word: Pooh … she’s now in speech therapy.” Amazing where a pillowcase will take you "… Alison, Richmond, VA.
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