Because Kids Get Cancer Too ...

Each year 44,000 children across North America are treated for cancer while thousands more experience life-changing illnesses and injuries. A hospital stay is a frightening experience for adults, and even more so for young children. Beyond the obvious medical fears and difficulties, a sterile hospital room lacks the comfort and warmth of home.

Our Mission

“A Case for Smiles – Helping children feel special while battling life changing illnesses.”

Our mission is heartfelt to provide smiles to children with life changing illnesses and to make them feel special.

Our work is simple to provide children with cheery pillowcases to brighten their hospital stay and a chance to learn to sew while breaking up the boredom of a hospital stay.

Our impact is immediate many organizations are focused on saving tomorrow’s children through research. Our focus is on helping children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses today.

Our organization is driven by volunteers literally thousands of people are making pillowcases across the country and around the world. They are led by an all-volunteer organization of regional chapters with regional coordinators supported and served through volunteers who make up our home office organization.

Our fuel is love ConKerr is fueled by a simple act of love – making a pillowcase for a sick child struggling with cancer or another life changing illness. Everything else is details.

Our Accomplishments

Thousands of ConKerr Cancer volunteers in over 120 cities dedicate themselves to brightening these children’s lives through the simple act of sewing a bright, cheery pillowcase. As a result of their love and generosity, ConKerr Cancer has delivered more than 990,000 pillowcases in just seven years to 250 hospitals throughout the country, creating ‘miles of pillowcase smiles’ for the children and their parents. In addition, ConKerr volunteers visit hospitals to sew with the children, breaking up the monotony of long, frightening hospital stays.